Yes, on this site you will find a shop consisting of 4 separate on-line shops.

First Edition Books Brand New Coats from Swiss Furriers Vintage and Pre-used Furs Collectibles

First edition books make a lovely gift and are a collector's investment. A first edition is the very first copy of a book to be published for sale which often makes it rare.

Modern first edition books can be very affordable, though their value may increase as time passes, especially if you keep them in great condition.

Proof of authenticity is given by providing photographs of the book and its accompanying page authenticating that it is a first edition printed by the publisher.

The site is updated every day so you will know the book is available for sale immediately. Whatever your interests, you will find a large selection of antiquarian, Victorian, contemporary and children's books. It's very simple, just search for the author you are looking for and you will see an array of the writer’s first edition books before you.

The second shop is Brand New Coats from Swiss Furriers.

Hit the slopes in style and comfort and buy exclusive, cutting edge mink jackets or coats manufactured by top Swiss furriers.

There is something for everyone, so join in this winter's opulence and have fun wearing one of our natural fur coats or jackets while in town or on a ski break.

They are guaranteed to make you look and feel fabulous! So get carried away and treat yourself to one of our exquisite winter furs!

The third shop is Vintage and Pre-used Furs.

Ever dreamed of owning a luxurious mink coat but never thought you could afford one?

The Vintage Fur section will show you just how affordable a second-hand mink coat or jacket can be.

Come and visit the Collectibles section if you are looking for an original gift or something to enhance your home.

This section is still under construction and features jewelry, vintage face compacts and silver items. Do you need to increase your prosperity and add harmony in your life through the Feng Shui art of placement in your home?

Then this section can put you into contact with a English-speaking Feng Shui practitioner/teacher in the Geneva area who is prepared to work/travel further afield if necessary.